Ep 22: Just a mess

This episode is a complete disaster. Both John and Ian suffer computer problems, and John’s fire alarm goes off. There were some issues with the audio files as well which I’ve done my best to fix. We have a very eventful Indulgence Corner this week and set some lofty new goals. This episode features some intimate time with Ian. Our main quest this week focuses on “*)*(* Happy 4th of July *)*(*” by Gentle Whispering ASMR.

Ep 19: Bartles and Boops

Did Pat retweet this one weird podcast? The answer may surprise you! Our social media presence continues to grow. We find out what Arthur has to teach us this week. John tries a tasty new beverage. Our main quest this week focuses on “FULL HOUR BOOP CHALLENGE! – ASMR – Relaxation – Good Vibes” by [Esc] reality. It wasn’t for us.

Ep 18: Suckin Up To Pat

An exciting new segment is introduced this week! We respond to a new fan in the Indulgence Corner. Our Side Quests include some ups, downs, and jumping around. The Main Quest this week focuses on the “ASMArby’s” series by Remedial Game Theory TV. We spend a lot of time shamelessly trying to suck up to Pat from Polygon and being strangely formal about it.

Ep 17: The Elder Scrolls 5 ASMR

We respond to our first batch of listener emails in the indulgence corner! As the name of this episode would suggest we go on a lot of side quests this week. Our main quest this week focuses on “Soft-Spoken ASMR: Elder Scrolls Maps” by theASMRnerd.

Ep 11: High Octane Fun

Strap in and get ready for a wild ride! This fast-paced, high-energy episode may be more than you can handle! Ian ventures deep under the ocean to record this episode and John takes on the worst that nature has to offer. For the main topic this week we discuss “Painting with Margaret [ ASMR ]” by Ephemeral Rift.

Ep 8: The Garbage Section

This one is not for the critics. This one is for the fans. The fans who don’t care about ASMR or the format of the show and just want to hear us ramble. Ian couldn’t record this week, so instead please enjoy some clips of us talking about things other than ASMR.

Ep 3: An Unexpected Haircut

In this episode we begin exploring ASMR videos on YouTube. What better place to start than with a haircut video? John learns something about himself, and Ian gets an unpleasant surprise. Our primary discussion focuses on “ASMR Haircut Roleplay โ™ฅ” by ASMR Darling.